Sandringham Golf Links
‘Home of Golf’

Client: Waypoint
Size: 1,500m2
Location: Melbourne, AUS
Value: $15m

The Sandringham Golf Links ‘Home of Golf’ was master planned to locate the facility within the centre of the course, between the front and back nines. The centre provides elite high-performance training facilities to fast track the development of Australia’s Golfing talent. Community & recreation golfers are able to use function & meeting rooms and the central café. The centre brings together the office accommodation of the Golf Australia and PGA.

City Collective has been working with the team at Waypoint since 2016 on the Sandringham Golf Links project, initially engaged to undertake master planning and concept design work. We have continued to work closely with Waypoint once the project secured funding and were engaged to undertake architectural detail design and delivery.

City Collectives first built project in Melbourne has a diverse range of modes and uses that we’ve had to consider and create space for. The new, two storey building will contain high-performance golf labs, a lecture theatre, shared community spaces, office accommodation, ground level café and a viewing deck to provide an enhanced experience for the golfers and spectators within the building, looking out.

A central walkway connects two sides of the golf course and places the amenity of the building within the heart of the lush grounds at Cheltenham. The central walkway celebrates the rich history of Golf within Australia and – we hope – will inspire the next generation of golfing legends.

This is a 360-degree pavilion in the sense that it will be viewed from every angle. The roof profile has been designed as a striking immediately recognisable feature, a way of addressing the building’s exposure and heat load.