Zane Williams
Concept Artist / Architectural / Interior Designer

As an experienced designer of all scales, Zane takes a human centric approach to creating places for people. He prides himself on his understanding of demographic needs and ability to apply relevant practical guidelines and principles to achieve creative and innovate design outcomes across all scales.

Zane respects the unique context of all problems and through his strong visualisation skill and passion for digital storytelling is able to convincingly communicate complex design ideas to stakeholders and community groups.

Currently Reading:
– Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari

Current Areas of Research / Teaching:
– Real Time Design Communication tools (Virtual Reality)
– Environmental Building Performance and Sustainable Design

Favourite City Grid:
– Adelaide (a little bias for my home town)

Most visited web-site:
– www.dezeen.com

Concept Artist / Architectural / Interior Designer