David Cooke
Architect / Urban Design / Planner

David Cooke has the unique skillset of being an internationally qualified Urban Designer, a registered Architect and an accredited Planner. As a leader in the design industry for almost 20 years, in 2014 David was awarded a prestigious scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley in their intensive Masters of Urban Design program. Upon returning to Australia, as Founding Director of design studio City Collective, David is now applying this international knowledge and experienced gained to focus locally on the urban renewal and city planning challenges that face Australian cities.

David’s experience sees him tackle complex projects that require a full breadth of his skills in holistic design thinking and stakeholder leadership to deliver successful strategies and outcomes, for Cities, Governments, Institutions and the private sector. David enjoys a challenge and this philosophy underpins City Collective’s innovative approach. David has earned a reputation for designing and managing urban design and architectural projects from master plan through to completed construction

Currently Reading:
– Adaptations of the Metropolitan Landscape in Delta Regions, by Prof. Peter Bosselmann

Current Areas of Research / Teaching:
– Urban (Re)form, Urban Design Project, Master of Planning, 5th Year Studio at University of Adelaide
– Integration of sports facilities as a catalyst to deliver greater within a community amenity and sustainability
– New delivery models for Cities to host Mega-sporting events more effectively
– Missing middle housing and Right Sizing Housing Typologies

Favourite City Grid:
– 200 x 200 feet grid of Portland’s Pearl District

Most visited web-site:
– www.qantas.com

Director<br />
Architect / Urban Design / Planner