11th International Urban Design Conference

City Collective to address national conference

City Collective Director David Cooke, newly-appointed Principal Justin Kearnan and Workplace Strategist Brenna Jewitt have been invited to present at the 11th International Urban Design Conference in Sydney in 10 days time. Below is an overview of the two topics they will be speaking to at the event. They are key focus areas of City Collective’s work and research. 

Sydney Harbour at sunset. Photo: Andre Xu


Positioning Political Leaders to Unlock Spatial Equity

While cities continue to grow rapidly around the world, the distribution of opportunity has become exceedingly uneven. Access to jobs, public transportation, fresh food, and affordable housing have been disproportionally deployed, offering exponentially greater opportunity to those that can afford proximity to them. Cities today are faced with both the promise and the challenge of the 21st century – they have provided a far greater number of opportunities to far fewer people.

At City Collective, we have developed a four-part methodology that we will present at the conference that will arm political leaders with the tools and resources they need to define and implement equity-positive strategies.

The Efficient City and the Death of the Mixed-Use Typology

It is our assertion that cities today are incredibly inefficient, with strikingly low utilisation of the buildings we construct. With increasing pressure for cities to be affordable, equitable and inclusive, the time was right for City Collective to radically reconsider the assumptions of traditional building types. Does the rigid deployment of building types – by use – still efficiently support the elastic lifestyles of people today?

City Collective will be contending that they do not.  We’ve found that a new generation of building types have the potential to unlock material increases in efficiency, affordability, inclusivity and equity.


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