2018 PowerHousing National Member Exchange

City Collective to address national conference

City Collective Director David Cooke has been invited to participate in the PowerHousing Member Exchange in August at the National Convention Centre in Canberra and is keen to share some of the studio’s knowledge and help influence the audience on urban planning for liveable and affordable communities.


This week Australia’s population hit 25 million and not by grand design. You may have noted, reading our story on Bridge Housing in San Francisco that the affordable housing challenges in the US are similar to the challenges we face in Australia.

The insights Australian cities can gain from their North American counterparts will help us deliver improved national, affordable housing outcomes and City Collective will be presenting to the national audience attending the 2018 PowerHousing Member Exchange on this exact thing.

A key interrogation of the Member Exchange will be to ask how affordable housing design and planning – as a whole – can deliver improved outcomes for the urban realm.  By putting housing in the broader context of public transportation; jobs; fresh food; recreation; primary/secondary education; retail/goods/services we hope to influence the national conversation about putting roofs over people’s heads.

Through increased physical access, increased mobility and the digital realm – we’ll be challenging the audience to think about how we can, as a society, can deliver on each and every outcome people require to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

After all – it’s about helping people create more than a house – it’s about helping to create someone’s home.

Visit the PowerHousing Member Exchange website for more details.