Pier 70 Urban Waterfront

Ship Repair to
City Repair

San Francisco, CA, United States

San Francisco Port Authority, UC Berkeley



Urban Design, Architecture

Public Realm

Key Features

  • Staging the project to build upon the energy of the existing transit while connecting the waterfront to exiting neighbourhood of Dogpatch and Potrero Hill.
  • The block configuration and small parcelisation proved that medium density residential and mixed use building typologies of walk up flats, live/work lofts, podiums and a few towers up to a maximum of 90’ high can achieve high density outcomes.
  • Revealing urban history to create the diagonal connection within the precinct.
  • Socially sustainable housing was the driving factor for the redevelopment of this existing site.

Centrally located, the key city site is underdeveloped and faces challenges with access and connection to the bounding streets.

The proposal put forward a mixed use precinct that could offer greater choice, increased resident numbers, improved interface with the surrounding community and transit options and opportunities for retail to be introduced.

Contributors: Justin Kearnan, Tom Van Pelt, Ken Hirose, Toni Toscano, Grant Saita