Next Great City

City Collective playing its part in delivering a CBD for Northern Adelaide


City of Playford

2017 – Current

Urban Design, Architecture, Planning

Public Realm

The heart of Playford is being transformed into a digitally connected CBD built on the latest technology to become a connected, agile city of the future. The Playford CBD of the North will provide its community with a contemporary urban lifestyle, with hi-tech infrastructure installed at Council’s cost offering advanced connectivity for world-class digital and technological enterprises.

The Playford CBD will be a high-density, multi-storey development, balanced with green spaces and open landscapes, and will become a showcase for sustainable urban environments all over the world.

The city will drive new sources of revenue, generate jobs, unlock investment (such as a proposed multi-storey hotel), and build on entrepreneurial activity to grow industries of the future.

  • City Collective has been engaged by City of Playford to work on two major developments with the City’s new Civic CBD – a new Retail Building (pictured) and the new Grenville Community Hub
  • Both buildings respond to the current Prince George Plaza design and enhance a person’s experience within the area
  • City Collective will be utilising smart technologies to deliver a sustainable precinct and focused on delivering public buildings that respond to the growing area and provide new community services and amenity