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Middle Housing

Housing Research

Adelaide, SA, Australia

UC Berkeley



Architecture, Urban Design


Key Features

  • How can cities respond to deliver a broader residential demographic within their downtowns?
  • This project developed solutions to answer this question by providing flexible housing models that demons ted how new housing typologies can start to address the need for diversity.
  • An introduction of a variety of typologies that can appeal to the range of needs for residents and offer different levels of investment
  • The plan also considers how housing can change over time and be re-proposed within the life of a community
  • Innovative construction techniques where tested to prepare cost effective implementation strategies

A mix of mid-rise buildings with a diverse combination of unit typologies within the buildings have been used to deliver a wider infill housing while offering residential amenity.

The typologies are flexible in their designs so they can respond to the changing uses and requirements over the stages of the project. Building heights range up to 10 stories.

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