Grenville Hub

A smart hub using technology to bring people together

Prince George Plaza

City of Playford

2017 – Current

Urban Design, Architecture, Planning

Public Realm

The new Grenville Hub will be the next step in the activation of Prince George Plaza, which is a key element of the City of Playford’s strategic plan.

With the completion of the Plaza and City Collective’s design tenancy building about to start construction shortly, the Grenville Hub will provide connection to and coherence with the design principles and narrative being developed within the Northern Central Business District precinct.

Incorporating Smart City technologies will both cater for future generations of users and assist the current demographic to stay connected and active within society.

The current services provided within the Grenville Centre are essential community programs and facilities that are offered to members of the community aged over 50 years old.

The continuation of these support programs and group activities will promote health and wellbeing, lifelong learning, independence within the community and participation of older residents.

City Collective has balanced a design response to meet the relevant standards while enhancing the existing urban conditions to provide the vision that is focused on quality community amenity.