David Cooke


Urban Designer / Architect / Planner

David Cooke has the unique skillset of being an internationally qualified Urban Designer, a registered Architect and an accredited Planner. David’s professional design leadership has spanned master planning and architectural design of more than a dozen high-profile mixed-use projects for both the private and public sectors.

Your favourite project you have worked on so far?

It’s hard to pick just one favourite but I do enjoy working on the projects that land in the ‘too hard basket’ and where many have tried before to achieve an outcome. There is nothing like the phrase ‘this can’t be done’ to spark creativity. This is made even more rewarding when you find a design solution that can deliver a unexcepted design outcome.

Research Interests:

  • Integration of sports facilities within a community to deliver greater amenity and sustainability
  • Mega-sporting events to be a catalyst for urban scale transformative outcomes
  • Missing middle housing and Right Sizing. Addressing housing affordability and connecting communities.
  • Urban Repair. How to repair our cities with a holistic urban focus, not just infill.
  • The urban design response to Smart City technologies.

The last book you read?

Urban Transformations: Understanding City Design and Form, by Peter Bosselmann

Top website in your bookmarks?