City Collective Keep Cup Gift for clients

Less is more when it comes to coffee cups in the city

According to University of Melbourne data, Australians use 2.7 million disposable coffee cups each day. That’s enough paper cups to fill a city tram and – importantly – none of them are recyclable due to the liquid-resistant coating they need to resist leaking our precious and hot coffee while we’re on the move. We all know coffee is the fuel of a busy design studio (check out our stats in our illustrated Annual Report) and so we decided collectively to ditch the single-use cups and invest in making a difference.

Our new City Collective Keep Cups are getting a work out already in our office but since we were having a few made, we thought we could spread the cheer to you. Just by using the City Collective Keep Cup you’re generating up to 92% less green house emissions when compared to a disposable cup. To all our clients and partners, we’d love to see you before the end of the year, so come by the new office at the Epworth Building and we’ll shout you a coffee in an environmentally-friendly City Collective Keep Cup that you can take home with you.