Adelaide Urban Street Study

Completing Light’s
Urban Legacy

Adelaide, SA

UC Berkeley



Urban Design


Key Features

  • By using a series of simple design rules that acknowledge the original parcel lines there is an opportunity to complete Col. Light’s orginal Adelaide City grid.
  • Use the chain measurement as key design tools for new street typologies.
  • New connections were planned following these rules in order to start to complete Light’s city plan.
  • Where smaller street connections are made, new street types can be created using the original measurement methodology and a modern interpretation of the design principles of Light’s plan.
  • A half chain street is used as a neighborhood street with a pedestrian priority.
  • A quarter chain street is used as a shared street and each of these new types contribute to increasing the walkable community throughout Adelaide, efficiently linking between the parklands and squares.

This finer layer of streets creates new connections and greater development opportunities for the parcels that front on to those streets, along with added walkability and a greater legibility.

Light’s original city plan holds the keys for how Adelaide can develop and urbanize into the future with a uniquely identifiable ‘Adelaide-scale’ that Light initially intended for the city.