Adelaide 30 Year Spatial Plan

Defining Adelaide’s
Design Identity

Adelaide, SA

UC Berkeley



Urban Design, Planning

Public Realm

Key Features

  • Research was undertaken into the historic development of Adelaide to understand the driver of these origins and the influence that has been taken from Adelaide’s English parent cities.
  • The diversity of housing typologies that was provided in the original plan of Adelaide holds the key to how future housing needs can be addressed.
  • This proposal demonstrates how an increase of population by 17,500 inhabitants can be delivered in an area that is 10% of the city centre
  • Outlines how scale and type of development could be overlayed across the entire city to work towards the population targets that have been set by Adelaide City Council.

Using the key design rule of access to light in conjunction with the building typologies allows for taller buildings to front onto the wider streets and smaller buildings to front the narrow street types.

The resulting urban form for the South West Corner takes reference from Adelaide’s History to deliver and urban future.