Adelaide 2030 Commonwealth Games Proposal

Going for

Adelaide, SA, Australia

UC Berkeley



Urban Design, Master Planning, Sports Facility Planning, Planning, Architecture, Research


Key Features

  • Project demonstrates the potential for the 2030 Commonwealth Games to act as a catalytic event to achieve a broad range of Government targets, as well as addressing many of the urban challenges our cities face
  • Identification of the ‘Pre-Legacy’ stage of works as a critical aspect to underpin the success of the event strategy
  • Design of multiple sports stadiums and overlays that will provide long term civic infrastructure to the city’s population and wider community
  • Urban infill to utilize existing under-developed city centre sites, increase city population and resident amenity with a variety of bespoke housing typologies and building scales
  • This report develops a detailed strategy for the implementation of transformative changes to address the key urban challenges Adelaide is currently facing.

The study is structured in such a way that the approach and evaluation criteria can be applied to any city that is exploring the opportunity of sporting events to improve the public amenity, housing affordability, health, well being and transit options for their population and city visitors.

The outcomes for Adelaide would be the most walkable mega-sporting event in the world and possibly one of the most successful. The concluding economic impact analysis indicates that the approach will achieve an economic benefit to capital cost ratio of 2.26 with over 41,000 jobs created within the city.


2015 Gadsby-Trudgett Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley
2015 Vernon De Mars Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley